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Select your goal

If you know you need a healthier lifestyle, why not Commit to Change?

Committing to a goal to stop smoking, exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier food or reduce alcohol consumption will set you up for success. By carefully defining a goal you more than double your likelihood of achieving it.

If you see your desired goal on the commitment list, just click it. If not, create a Custom Goal and simply fill in the blanks!

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Set the Stakes

Laying down a financial stake is entirely optional, but you are up to four times more likely to succeed if you are willing to risk some money. If you meet your goal, your credit card will not be charged. If you don’t succeed, your stakes will go to a designated charity.

Charity stakes will be divided between Save the Children, Shooting Star – CHASE, the Prostate Cancer Centre, and the Vicars’ Relief Fund - St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Example: Let's say you commit to losing 20 lbs in 20 weeks and you put £5 at stake per week - We take your credit card information upfront (without charging you) and each week that you fail to lose the required 1 lb, we charge your card £5. After your contract is over, we donate the money you lost to charity.

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Get a Referee

You designate someone you know and trust to be your Referee. This person acts as an independent third party, monitoring your progress and verifying the accuracy of the reports you submit. Most people ask a friend or family member to be their Referee.

If you prefer, you can opt for the honor system, and go at it alone, without a Referee. Just remember that having someone to whom you're accountable increases your chances of success!

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Add Friends for Support

Now designate some friends or peers to be your supporters. They will be informed of your progress and encourage you to succeed. The more the merrier, for each supporter you have will increase your success rate by 5%.

Supporters can post encouraging messages in your Commitment Journal, where you make daily entries on your progress toward achieving your goal.

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